What is mastering?


It's the icing on the cake.


Mastering is the last step in your album creation process before your music is released to the public. It is a vital, often over-looked element that when skipped, can result in a lack-luster, poor quality, and overall non-cohesive sound. With this step, you guarantee all of your hard work translates how you intended your audience to hear it.. 


The process of mastering sets the ambiance by creating the overall “sound” of your album by taking an assortment of separately recorded songs and turning them into a cohesive listening experience… Think of ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd. While we can’t chalk it up solely to Mastering, it did play a huge role in making the album feel like one whole, complete piece of art instead of a bunch of different songs slapped together.  


Dog Gate Mastering achieves the highest quality sound possible by correcting various sound imbalances and/or sonic issues that can’t be corrected during mixing/recording while simultaneously creating order and flow.  After all, not everyone has the luxury of enjoying your music on studio monitors and/or high-end stereos. Whether your fans listen to your album on their earbuds, laptop speakers, or state-of-the-art, hi-fi systems, Mastering allows them to experience your music as you truly intended. Achieve the professional grade sound you want in any format you need!